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My name is InVisiond
I’m a Director & Cinematographer.

While I am passionate about the whole process of filming from set-design to shooting, and editing I love my role as a director as well. “This Has Been InVisiond” is used to represent the completion of someone’s vision being brought to life.

Whatever the project may be and whoever has the idea of the visual representation, I pride myself on using my creativity and expertise to present my clients with sound work that will convey their message to the masses. Achieving this in an appealing way, while thinking outside the box, is something that I strive to do with each and every shoot. 

Based out of Charlotte, NC with root from Brooklyn, NY, I plan on bringing my edgy but clean, cinematic editing style to those who choose #InVisionD for their services. InVisiond Studios will grow beyond the Queen City and make sure the stamp #invisiond is something you will be proud to become a part of.

Why Choose #InVisionD

Color Grading

is key to bringing out the best in any production Why is Color Grading a primary focus for InVisiond? The proper grade is essential to giving the correct feel to the viewer for the story being told. 


is something you will be sure to receive working with InVisiond. From Communication to timeliness we’ve got you covered.

Camera Equipment

#invisiond works with is primarily 4k sony cameras, but we will obtain whatever camera equipment necessary to carry out the vision of your shoot even if that’s 6k or 8k video.

Creative Direction

is offered to ALL clients if you’d rather InVisiond structure your vision in the most effective way possible and guide your project to the finish line. 

Unique Vision

is a strong quality of InVisiond. He makes sure that your production process is sound, efficient, and most importantly creative, so the work ends up as captivating as possible in a time where people’s attention spans are fleeting.

Turn Around Time

is something that typically takes anywhere from 14-21 days depending on the  extensiveness required to create the finished product as well as the workload from other clients who may be ahead of your shoot.

Captured By #InVisionD

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